Small Woman – Big Sportswear.

Hello all! I hope that everyone is doing well. Apologies on not posting much as I have been away doing a load of assignments for college. Nevertheless I have made time to make a post on petite sportswear.

Getting sports bottoms to fit our petite legs can be such challenge as they tend to crumple at our ankles. I have been looking everywhere to find stores which sell sports bottoms that fit like a glove on my short legs. One day my mam told me that Dunne Stores were selling gorgeous sports leggings in the kid’s section; usually I would tend to stay away from the kid’s section as some of their clothing can look too childish for me. When I went to have a look the leggings were actually quite mature and I was able to get away with wearing them without looking childish. Down below is one of the pairs of leggings I wore to the gym which are now my favourite.

SAM_0326.JPG                      SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES


They were €12 and I got a size 9-10 years for my skinny, small legs. They had bigger sizes too for people with a thicker leg and longer leg. So now we know that shopping in the kid’s section for sportswear is ok and won’t make you look childish.

Also down below are names of stores which sell sportswear for short people:

  1. Amazon (kids)
  2. Macys
  3. Target
  4. Moi Petite
  5. Gap
  6. Kohls (kids)
  7. Landsend
  8. Old Navy
  9. Athleta
  10. JCPenny
  11. REI

I hope that I have helped you out with a problem in which you were facing too!

Blog to you soon,


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