Big Summer Styles – Small Clothing Sizes.

HELLO!!! It’s been so long since my last post; around 4 months ago oh my! I was so busy with assignments and family things I couldn’t find the time to blog, but now I’m back and ready to help all you petite ladies with the latest styles that are available for us.

It is summer season where everyone is changing their wardrobes around from winter dull colours to bright summer colours. If you are petite like me and find it hard to get a nice dress to fit you properly or trousers are too long and don’t have the time to turn them up; well right here I will be giving you my Top 10 summer looks and whereabouts you can buy these from.

  1. J & J Petite


First we have this gorgeous white lace dress from J &J Petite. Lace is very in trend this year and is a must have in our wardrobes for a night out. Also available in black and costs $62. J & J Petite currently only ship within the US.

  1. House of Petite


This beautiful modern silk shift dress defiantly caught my eye when I had look on House of Petite’s website. Perfect for any time of the day whether it be a lunch date or a night time meal. On sale at a price of £75 and ship around the world.

  1. Moi Petite Clothing


With their new summer collection out, Moi Petite have more to offer for petite women. With mustard colouring being in trend this year, this stunning mock neck co-ord set is something all petite summer wardrobes need. It costs $25 and they ship around the world.

  1. Shop Petite Couturé


Loving this light chiffon dress from Shop Petite Couturé. This pretty dress has a high low hem and I would consider buying this as it is a unique type of dress for petite women. It’s price is $59 but they only ship to US and Canada.

  1. Pretty in Petite


If you want something beautiful and classy to wear to work in summer or for a daytime event, this royal blue skirt with floral print from Pretty in Petite is what you need. It’s £85 and they ship around the world.

  1. Plum Society


Looking for shorts this summer to fit the length of your petite legs? At Plum Society you can purchase these trendy white lace shorts. Perfect for daily or evening wear. Also available in grey and are $48. They currently ship within the US and India.

  1. Boohoo Petite


We can’t have a summer wardrobe without having floral and at Boohoo in the petite section you can get this lovely floral co ord. If you need to go somewhere and haven’t had time to plan your outfit, well then this outfit is just what you need. It costs €34 and they ship around the world.

  1. ASOS Petite


This comfy pink strappy midi skater dress is from ASOS in the petite section. Not every fashionable outfit we wear has to have a crazy design. It is €39.44 and ASOS ship internationally.

  1. Beautifully Petite


Obviously we can’t go anywhere without our black leggings. Black leggings can be matched with any type of top but what stands in our way is when they crump at the bottom from our short legs. Well at Beautifully Petite you can get a pair to fit you for £50. They also ship around the world.

  1. Petite Epoque


Lastly we have this sexy and attractive dress from Petite Epoque. This dress gives the illusion of a longer leg with the combination of the black mesh and white fabric. This dress costs $95 and they ship all around the world.


These are my Top 10 summer looks and from petite stores. If you are intrigued to find out what else each of the petite stores sell why not look them up online. 8 of these stores are ran by women who are petite and suffer from the same problems as us so therefore everything is made just to fit you.

Blog to you soon,


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